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November 3, 2012
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Elsword OC: Clear's 1st Job (II)- Strength Gears by Milonar Elsword OC: Clear's 1st Job (II)- Strength Gears by Milonar
Strength Gears comic:[link].

Edit 8th, February: Re-color Strength Gears, which I really hope it looks much better than before :iconrunrolanrunplz:. I have to struggle... a bit to get my lazy hands to work (LOL)... Anyway, I'm really sorry if I bother your message box with this... annoying update :iconotlplz:

Strength Gears's Story:

The more Clear fights, the stronger and stronger he becomes. Clear has feelings that his weapon is absorb power everytime he defeats an enemy to become more powerful itself, but he doesn't care. In fact, Clear's really happy to grow stronger and stronger to protect his friends.

Things tend to happen unexpectedly. "Gears" finally awakes the true power itself earlier than Clear thought, and this power is unable to control. To control this power, the boy decides to leave the team for a short while to train by himself. Days by days, Clear is still unable to wield "Gears" amazing power. He has no choice, but to release his red rope- the seal of his real power.

The price to have two sources of power at the same time costs Clear greatly. His feelings and emotions begin to fade away slowly. Soon, Clear doesn't know how to feel the pain, the sadness and the happiness. If nothing helps him, he will become a completely Robot, who only knows about fighting and killing enemies. The Leader of Trapping Ranger group notices the future of the boy. She tells Rena to watch and to kill him when the time comes... Or else Clear's power- the Cobalt Flame will burn this whole world.

Somewhere far, another person is very interested in Clear's power. He is slowly appoarching the boy...

To be continue.


Name: Clear.

Full name: Clearance Delacroix.

Age: Unknown (He looks like fifteen or sixteen this time).

Race: Human.

Weapon (Strength Gears): Gears. Gears will change their forms when Clear becomes stronger. They can also resize their shapes depending on the owner's thought.

In this path job, Clear becomes a true material artist, who uses fists and kicks to fight the enemies. Moreover, he has a new power. As "Strength Gears", Clear can control a bit of the flame which has Cobalt color. Cobalt Flame will help Clear deals more damages and burns down the enemies.

Character Color: Cobalt.

Likes (as Strength Gears): Clocks, gears, food, peaceful places, fighting, sleeping (Clear spends ten hours to sleep in a day. By this way, "Gears" power will be in Clear's control).

Love: Elsword (there is another special reason for this).

Good at: Cooking, fixing clocks and machines.

Special Ability:

1/Clear's hair will change to Cobalt color if one of his friends is in danger, which makes his strength and movement increased for a short while, especially if he is Awakening Mode.

2/Clear will have attack, movement, jump speed passive skill; and even Crit passive.

3/Half of Clear's skills can deal both of physical and magic damages.

4/Clear is a fighter, but he doesn't equip any gloves or knuckles. That's why you will find that his bare fist attacks are not strong, but rather quick. That's when his weapon- "Gears" is needed. "Gears" has another important special ability that it can move by it owns and deal great additional damges. All of Clear's skills will have additional attacks. The additional attack numbers will increase if he is Awakening Mode.

Personality (as Strength path): Clear still has his poker face all the time. Usually, he only changes to be happy or angily when he is in battles. If all of Clear's emotions disappear, he will show nothing on his face. It's something that he's very afraid of... Clear tries his best to avoid conversation with everyone, so they don't notice his changes. He begins to shut himself, but his friends (especially Lilith and Elsword) don't leave him alone and will come to practice with him, or help him when he needs. For Clear, it's alright for him to be left behind, as long as his friends are safe.

As "Strength Gears", Clear becomes more serious. He only speaks when it's necessary.

No matter what happens, Clear will do everything to save his friends out of danger, even if it costs his life.

Lilith is his best friend. They usually have a chat about the person they like. He also spends time with Zaizon to practice his fighting skills.

Background Story:

When Clear awakes, he finds himself badly wounded in Elrios with all of his memories has gone. Elesis- the Red Knights Leader is the one who saves the little boy. From then, Clear starts his life in Forest Ruins. Elesis often goes to see him and teaches him some fighting skills. She also tells him that she has a little brother who may be the same year-old of Clear. She says that she will introduce Clear to her brother soon, so the two boys can practice their skills together.

However, the Leader of Red Knight never returns from her mission. Clear decides to travel to find her. His journey ends when he reaches Bethma. He can't go to Peita because Lento stops him. Lento says that Peita is too dangerous for a young boy like him to walk around.

Clear returns back to Ruben, and that's when he hears a group of bandits are trying to steal El Crystal. He immediately rushes to the El Tree and meets Elsword team. Banthus manages to steal the El Crystal and runs away, so Clear decides to follow it.

The young boy joins Elsword team after helping the Ancient Phoru to calm down. In fact, Elsword is the one who asks Clear to join without asking more questions about his profile. Staying with Elsword and the rest, Clear is sure that Elsword is the young brother that Elesis has told him. However, he never mentions to the red hair boy that he had met Elesis before. Keeping the promise with Elesis, Clear considers Elsword as his brother, and his only family.

Soon, Clear discovers that El Crystal has power to restore his memories back. Should he get it back or not? Clear hopes he can find an answer in his journey with his friends...
Skyward Palace Project:
Clear and his friends finally arrive to Altera. They meet and help a spear girl- Ara. Soon, the team agrees to help Ara's brother- Ran to get back to his senses.

Staying in the floating land gives Clear a familiar feelings. He spends time to search around. Later, the team decides to go back to Peita to protect Velder from Demons, as well as find more clues about Ran. Clear says sorry that he needs more time in Altera for searching something that he has lost.

On day, Clear meets a stranger who appears from above the sky. The stranger introduces himself as Rio. He is the knight, who comes from a sacred forgotten land which is located much higher in the sky than Altera. The reason why he needs to arrive the Elrios continent, because he must find someone- the King of the forgotten land. Without the King, the land will be soon collapsed and disappeared into the Abyss. If the forgotten land disappears, there will be chaos over Elrios. The truth is, the forgotten land is the key to keep the balance between light and dark, between dimensions of Elrios.

Rio pauses to take a look closely at Clear. The young knight seems to try remain as calm as possible. Then he bows down in front of Clear, and speaks:

"Finally, I've found you, my Highness. You have listened to the situation of you homeland, please... Please return and rebuild our kingdom, my future Emperor!"

Clear can't believe what Rio has just said. When and how did he become an Emperor of a land that he has no idea?

Or may be... He has forgot all of it.

The forgotten land- the land that Clear needs to return to claim his memories back is called "Skyward Palace".

To be Continued...

Using skills:
"Burn to ashes!"
"Feel my burning flame!"
"Prepare to die!"

1. Gears-----> Hierophant Gears -----> Time Emperor.
2. Gears-----> Strength Gears-----> World Watcher.
3. Gears-----> Fortune Gears -----> Judgement Gears.

1/The red rope is still Clear's treasure. He uses it to tie his hair.

2/As "Strength Gears", Clear finally takes off the bandages around his neck to show a small tatto. The tattoo has number XI. Strength is number XI in Tarot card.

3/All the names of Clear's job are related to Tarot cards name.

4/In this job path, Clear shows his angry face when he's fighting. He rarely smiles, though.

5/In his "Awakening Mode", Clear will be supported effectively with the power of "Cobalt Flame".

6/When Clear is in full "Awakening Mode", he will wear his Avatar clothes and his hair will change to Cobalt Color. He also will have his hood cover his head (only in Strength Gears path). This applies to all of his job paths.

7/Players can go to Clear's hometown- "Skyward Palace" from Altera, at the edge of the outskirts after they have defeated all the boss of Sander regipn. The dungeons of "Skyward Palace" are for players level 70. More information and designs of the new dungeons will be coming soon, as well Clear's full background.



(c)Lilith belongs to :iconchibi-sallina:.
(c)Zaizon belong to :iconrogil717:
(c)Clear belongs to me :iconmilonar:.
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