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Milonar's Influence Map by Milonar Milonar's Influence Map by Milonar
Hahaha, I have wanted to do this for a while :D. Well, of course there are more than this. However, these are my main source of influence+insparation. I'm really happy if anyone spends time to read "my influence history" down there (LOL).

Blank Template: [link]

Pokemon Adventure Manga:
My drawing started when I first knew about Pokemon's existence. From the age 6->10 year-old, I spent all the time to draw lots of Pokemon and my own Pokemon manga. Now, I've changed my style. However, I still have deep influence from Pokemon Manga which is drawn by Satoshi Yamamoto. If I'm not careful, my character will look a lot like main characters in Pokemon Adventure (LOL).

Black Matrix Zero (Heavy Influence):
Sometimes, I keep wondering if the Artist drawing Black Matrix Zero is the same person drawing Summon Night series. Their style and color look really similiar! Comparing between Black Matrix Zero and Summon Nigh, I was influenced by Black Matrix Zero more! I'm really impressed the Story and character design. Because of Black Matrix Zero, ALL OF MY Writings are all about ANGELS and DEVILS. The fighting between Angels and Devils, the choice of light and dark- I can't get rid of them out of my head!

There was a time I drew manga for Black Matrix Zero also. However, I've only done two Chapters D:.

If you look through some of my old work of character design, you will see my style looks a lot Black Matrix Zero.

Yggdra Union (Heavy Influence):
I SERIOUSLY CAN'T GET RID YGGDRA UNION STYLE. Because of this, I can only draw KIDS KIDS KIDS KIDS. I mean I can only draw characters with young/baby face. My oldest character is 27 year-old, and he still looks like a teenager! Anyway, I SERIOUSLY LOVE YGGDRA UNION STYLE (YG). The way I'm drawing hair, eyes, sketches are all from it!!!

The bad thing Yggdra Union Style is difficult to draw FanArt. I only use this style to design my characters.

Nurarihyon no Mago (drawn by Hiroshi Shiibashi):
Ok, here it is! This is the style I use most to draw FanArt and Doujinshi. I also study how to draw MONSTER, DEMONS, CLOTHES, KIMONOS from Nurarihyon. Too bad this manga isn't popular to many people...

Nurarihyon no Mago also brings too many ideas+insparaton for me to write a good story about demons.

Grand Chase, Elsword, Peacemaker (Heavy Influence for Designing Character):
I learn how to color and design better from both Grand Chase and Elsword. Thanks to them, many of my awesome original characters have born!

Next of the list is a TALENT Artist- Cezaria: [link]
I'm trying to learn Cezaria's coloring style. I hope I can improve more!

Hell Girl Enma:
Another unpopular manga which has very nice story telling plot.

My female characters now have similiar style from this manga... :icongo-on-plz:

+Anima (drawn by Mukai Natsumi):
I'm also interested in +Anima. And the result is I have wrotten a story for my game project which is called "Crow777" (A combination of +Anima and Black Matrix Zero again LOL). Still, I can't copy or follow +Anima Style much. However, this manga always bring to me something new, fun and nice in my head.

PS: I don't own any drawings in this Meme. They belongs to their owners!

Tell you the truth, I have an HUGE Artblock lately... I can't think or have a motivaton to draw. I hope after doing this Meme, I can have something in my head >___<''.
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